Welcome to CoCoMo Japan Travel!
Last year in 2019, there were more than 30 million tourists who came to Japan. That number is expected to reach 40 million this year in 2020. This means more repeat travelers to Japan seeking much more to experience than the regular tourist routes and attractions. We, CoCoMo Japan Travel, provide fresh and exhilarating alternatives to conventional activities, such as nature hiking, Buddhist experience, traditional Japanese crafts and martial arts classes, authentic exquisite Japanese restaurants, real geisha encounters, off the beaten track locations, and even a ghost tour! “CoCoMo” means “here too” in Japanese. We provide those “hidden” yet classic and alluring tour itineraries to those wanting to experience what is quite unknown, yet still entirely genuine and fascinating about Japan.
We also provide the usual/conventional tour routes and itineraries too. We have both set tours and highly personalized /customized tours catering to all tastes of our highly valued individual customers. So please contact us with any inquiry. We are here to make your travel in Japan truly unforgettable and unbeatable! And also at very reasonable rates as well.