Sakurajima is the most frequently erupting volcano in Japan. In fact, it erupted again on December 17 (2020). The previous eruption was four months ago, in August. If you want to see a volcanic eruption in Japan, the best chance is to visit Sakurajima.

In Kyushu’s southernmost prefecture of Kagoshima, the Mt. Ontake volcano still erupts frequently. The 1,182 meter-high peak offers a splendid view, and when it erupts, we are once again reminded of the majesty of nature.

While visitors find delight in witnessing an eruption, such is not the case for nearby residents, whose cars and laundry are coated with volcanic ash.

On occasions when a large amount of ash is deposited, the local government distributes special bags to households, in order for them to sweep up the ash, fill the bags and leave them for collection. While the ash was once regarded as unusable and thrown away, now it is being used as an ingredient in women’s facial scrub. It is also mixed with other ingredients to produce concrete.

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