A New Role for Outdoor Art Exhibits in Japan

As with project mapping, outdoor art exhibits are also undergoing new developments. Local temples and shrines usually have a long history and have played an important role for local residents who may come there for peace of mind or to offer prayers. One of the newest experiments is converting those places into an art museum. In May of this year, the grounds of the Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Shiga Prefecture took on the function of an art museum, with 39 artists active in Japan’s Kansai district invited to display their works on the grounds. It was the first time in the shrine’s history of over 1,200 years to attempt such an activity. “By placing items of art within nature, we can convey the sensation of goodness from both nature and art. This way we hope this historic shrine will leave an enduring legacy for future generations,” the sponsor said, explaining the exhibit’s motives.



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