Onsen, Mineral Hot Springs, for Residents Only in Japan

Japan is an earthquake-prone country. One of the reasons is because of the many volcanoes. In return, we can enjoy the benefits of hot springs. In some parts of the country, you can bring hot springs to your house and use them. In some areas, you can bring your own hot spring water to your house and use it, or there are hot spring facilities for residents only, as shown in this picture.

Recently, we introduced Yufuin in Oita Prefecture, one of Japan’s most famous mineral hot springs, onsen. The ancient town, which is said to be third nationwide in terms of volume of onsen water produced, also has some bath houses restricted to local residents only. They feature simple places for washing and are free of charge. It’s enviable that the residents can soak in natural hot springs every day. This may be a factor in some retired couples moving to the town. Recently, facilities that harness geothermal heat to generate electricity have also been attracting attention.



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