One of Japan’s most popular seasonings is soy sauce. Soy sauce is not only used in Japan, but also in other parts of the world, and there are many varieties in Japan. In Japan, there are many different kinds of soy sauce, and with improvements in quality, you can now enjoy fresh soy sauce at any time of the day without having to refrigerate it.

Foodstuffs manufacturer Kikkoman ( has released a series of soy sauce products in a newly designed 450 milliliter container — named the “always fresh, soft enclosure bottle” — designed to preserve their content’s freshness. The four types, distinguished by their blue, yellow, white and green labels and bottle tops, include two full-flavored varieties and two with reduced sodium contents. All four feature a newly developed cap with two-layered construction, which is designed to resist penetration of air. This extends the contents’ shelf life to about 90 days after opening (under normal temperature conditions). The bottles are also constructed for a steady grip and the caps designed for easy, one-handed opening and smooth, consistent pouring. Prices for the new soy sauce begin at 280 yen ($2.50).



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