Mito Komon, a National Drama

Mito Komon is the literary name given to Tokugawa Mitsukuni, lord of the powerful Mito domain in the early part of the Edo Period (1601-1868). In modern times, he became a character in a work of popular story, “The Travels of Mito Komon.” From 1969 a long-running weekly TV series was spun off from the novel, which ran for over 1,200 episodes until finally halting in 2011. The sponsor of that program was Panasonic. Each episode adhered to a similar formula: Traveling incognito around Japan, Lord Mitsukuni and his trusted lieutenants encountered various troubles, which they solved by exposing and apprehending the villains. The story’s popularity remains unabated, and at a pedestrian bridge in front of Mito Station, the city’s residents can see a statue of Mitsukuni and two lieutenants, named Kaku and Suke. The city also boasts Kairakuen, one of Japan’s three most famous gardens and famous for its plum trees. Visitors at the park can pose for photos with actors dressed up to resemble the cast of the popular TV show.



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