Manga are literally stacked from floor to the ceiling.

Manga coffee shops can be found throughout Japan. From their names, it would appear that they are intended for reading comics, but actually they are also used for perusing the Internet, viewing videos or napping. 

But this Manga Museum, located in Kyoto City, is a place for people who really want to read manga. Built in 2006 on the former site of a primary school, the museum is a repository of some 300,000 manga magazines, including priceless historical materials including those published during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and in the years after the Pacific War, and works by contemporary artists. They also include works from foreign countries. While an admission of 800 yen is charged, people have the option of spending 6,000 yen for a “passport” allowing for one year of usage. The central area on the 2nd floor features a large lecture hall, where many manga are available for reading — so for those who enjoy comics, the outlay for a one-year pass will pay for itself.



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