With the aim of boosting satisfaction by visitors, Kochi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku has adopted an “Omotenashi Toilet” system by which public toilets are recognized for high standards of cleanliness. The campaign aims to raise the perception of Kochi as being a hospitable place for sightseeing, thereby attracting more repeat visitors to its many attractions.

The campaign is part of the prefecture’s wider strategy of bring more visitors, having set its sights on the annual figure of 4 million visitors from outside the prefecture, which will bring revenues totaling more than 110 billion yen. To realize this, clean sanitary facilities at major sightseeing spots are regarded as essential.

To achieve certification, a lavatory must be 1) clean; 2) well illuminated (50 lux or above); 3) well ventilated with use of deodorizers; 4) provide toilet paper; 5) have one or more Western-style commode; and 6) convey a sense of hospitality to users. Concerning 6), such examples are suggested as flowers in vases; a facility for changing infant diapers; background music; supplying local information, and so on.

The campaign is focusing in lavatory facilities apart from private homes, such as hotels, rail stations, convenience stores, restaurants and others, whether public or commercial. Those accorded certification will be permitted to affix a multilingual “Omotenashi Toilet” seal, and also be listed on the prefecture’s home page.

URL: http://www.pref.kochi.lg.jp/soshiki/020201/omotenashitoilet.html



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