Bringing the city’s streets and alleyways to life with a magical profusion of lights and flowers, it is a seasonal night-time event attended by 2 million people every year.

“Kyoto Hanatouro” was established in March 2003 with the aim of creating a new seasonal event for the 21st Century that would bring color to the Kyoto nightscape. Many of the city’s streets and sites of cultural heritage are adorned with dazzling floral displays and roji andon, square shaped paper lanterns placed to light-up the floor level, which resound with the distinctive character of Japan. The combination of these two decorations lends a truly transcendental appearance to the walkways. Hanatouro’s fame as a romantic event that leaves visitors utterly enraptured by the Kyoto evening-time has spread far and wide, and it attracts over 2 million people every year from both Japan and abroad.

Night Kyoto

The daylight World Transformed into a Magical Fairy-tale Landscape

Host to the Hanatouro events are the foot of the history-rich Higashiyama mountain, one of Japan’s leading spots of scenic beauty, and. At “Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2011,” held in March, the walkways of these areas where you can find famous locations are bathed in the gentle glow of over 2,000 andon. The delicate design of the andon themselves demand a second look, each one the product of traditional ceramic and metalwork techniques. Along the way, you will find breathtakingly spectacular floral displays created by professional flower arrangers, adding a dash of magnificent color to the gentle light.

Preparations Also Underway for a Wide Variety of Events Including Illuminations

During these events, night-time illuminations are held at famous temples, shrines, and cultural buildings, principally in the areas surrounding the Hanatouro walkways. These locations also hold exclusive public viewings and openings, offering visitors rare opportunities for appreciating traditional Japanese architecture and priceless works of Buddhist art. Furthermore, a wide variety of events are planned to be held, including mini-concerts, and festivities featuring items created around the theme of lanterns.

Lanterns and Flower Lane

Approximately 2400 lanterns of six different kinds; Kyo and Kiyomizu ceramics, Kyomei bamboo, Kitayamasugi round cedar wood, Kyo stone art, the lacquer-coated lanterns and metal art, decorate the 4.6 km walking path that leads to the foothills of Higashiyama Mountain. From the north, the path goes through Shoren-in Temple and Maruyama Park, and then through Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizu Temple in the south. Enjoy the striking charms of Kyoto streets: faint lights that beautify the store fronts of Monzen-machi, soft lights that reflect off the stone pavements and lights swaying amongst the trees, white and earthen walls.
The ikebana Promenade and the abundant ikebana arrangements together with the paper lanterns invite the visitor to an enchanting world.

Ikebana Promenade

With the cooperation of Kyoto Ikebana Association, 10 large flower arrangements are displayed in the Lanterns and Flower Lane.

Contemporary Ikebana Exhibits

A grand flower arrangement competition is held with the cooperation of Kyoto Ikebana Association, in Maruyama Park. 16 flower arrangements are displayed in the early and late stage of the festival.

Big Student Performers Gathering

Student performers from Kyoto and other university towns will be recruited to give street performances at Maruyama Park to provide more color and life to the hanatouro event.

Fire Watch and Ohayashi Music Group

Local school children play wooden clappers, bells and drums and sing children songs about watching the fire and walking through the “Lanterns and Flower Lane.”

Takeakari Yugennokawa (Bamboo Lanterns/Profound Stream)

About a thousand touro lights made of young bamboo are placed on the Yoshimizu Stream and flow through Maruyama Park to create a magical atmosphere



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