AKIHABARA WASHINGTON HOTEL has started servicing a special room for trainspotters amid the wave of a new trend among women. More and more women are getting hooked on trains. They talk about how cool this or that type of shinkansen is and they stand near railways and don’t miss any Kodak moments to take their favorite photos of their Mr. train. Also popular with ordinary salaried men and children, during the summer vacation season the room was almost fully booked up, even though the price for a one-night stay is between 23,000 and 25,000 yen, about 300 US dollars.

Looking out the window you can spot various trains every minute in busy hours and if you get bored you can try the dynamic diorama of little Tokyo and run your favorite trains to your heart’s content. The making of the diorama cost 3 million yen, satisfying even fussy trainspotters. Akihabara is a famous spot in Tokyo for electrical gadgets and anime. The hotel intends to come up with another special room catering to Akiba goers.

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