The traditional folk dwellings in Okinawa are built with “Coexistence with nature” and “internal and external harmony” in mind.

Traditional houses are usually surrounded by stone walls with coral and limestone which are useful as part of typhoon wind breaker. Another feature of the “red tile” is that it is stucco to prevent it from being blown away by typhoons. The gate leading to the house does not have a gate. Instead, a screen called “Himpung” (screen) made of limestone is placed behind the gate. As well as preventing direct wind blow, it also serves as a blindfold, creating an image of the visual boundary between the outside (village) and inside (premises). However, when you enter the site by walking around Hinpung, you will find a wide open space that is unthinkable in other areas, which is a characteristic of private houses in Okinawa.

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