Hida-Takayama is located in Gifu Prefecture, almost in the center of Japan’s archipelago. It has preserved the feeling of a castle town and has been dubbed “Little Kyoto.” Old parts of the town have been preserved, and offer a special fusion of Kyoto and Edo cultures.

With the latticed bay windows and linked eaves of merchants’ houses in Sanmachi Suji, the enduring historical temples and shrines of Higashiyama, and the reproduction of Hida’s traditional farming villages of sloped-roof houses at Hida Folk Village, the town itself is a sightseeing spot.  Hida-Takayama is located in a neighborhood of the Northern Japanese Alps called “the roof of Japan.” The Japanese Alps encompass the Hida Mountains, the Kiso Mountains, and the Akaishi Mountains. These towering ranges include several peaks exceeding 3,000 m in height. Each of the four seasons brings a different scenic beauty.

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