Japan’s 47 Prefectures

Japan’s 47 Prefectures
Okinawa Hokkaido Aomori


Okinawa Prefecture consists of many islands dotting the East China Sea. It is south of Kyushu and is the only prefecture with a subtropical climate. It used to be called Ryukyu, and it had active trade with other Asian countries, especially China. Okinawa attracts tourists not only from all over the country but also from abroad because of its unique culture and rich natural beauty.


Hokkaido is the largest prefecture in Japan. It includes Hokkaido Island, the second largest in Japan after Honshu, and a number of other islands. Hokkaido is at about the same latitude as southern France, but, located at the northernmost end of Japan, it is cold in the winter and the summers are short. You can enjoy there a variety of foods. It is famous for its fish and shellfish such as salmon and crab, potatoes and other farm products, and dairy products. The Ainu people, who are indigenous residents of Japan, live in Hokkaido.


Aomori Prefecture is located in the northernmost part of Honshu. Its cold weather is suitable for growing apples, and it ranks first in apple production in the country. Also it is famous for the Nebuta Festival. The Shirakami Mountains, ranging from the southwestern part of this prefecture to Akita, have been registered in the World Nature Legacy as having the world's largest virgin beech tree forest.