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Maiko is an apprentice of geisha or geiko (called in Kyoto) between the ages of 15 and 20. Although apprenticeship, they entertain guests over dinner and drinks in the nighttime. That’s part of their training. They still can dance, play games and converse with guests professionally and merrily in a traditional setting. They are dispatched to those exclusive tea houses or posh restaurants. You will be able to have an authentic Japanese dinner and be entertained by maiko at the same time.

Tour Highlights:
This is an authentic Japanese cultural opportunity for anyone who wants to take a peek inside the most historical city of Japan.

Please note that we need to make a reservation of maiko in advance. So let me know your planned date in well advance. Also note that the cancellation fee will be applied to making a reservation of maiko of 45,000 yen.

The price of 300 US dollars is the guide fee, interpretation, meal and booking with maiko and dinner. Maiko costs 45,000 yen per group and a full-course dinner with all you can drink alcohol and soft drinks costs 9,500 yen per person.

The entertainment and dinner will start around 7 pm and lasts for three hours. You can drink as much as you want and eat traditional Japanese full course dinner.

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

Maximum Number of People: 20

Tour Type: Walking Only

Tour Price: Price Per Group USD $300.00


If you are group of 5 people for example, the total will be 124,500 yen or 24,900 yen per person.

45,000 yen (maiko) + (9,500 yen x 5) + 300 US dollars (roughly 32,000 yen) = 124,500 yen.

If you are group of 10 people for example, the total will be 174,000 yen or 17,400 yen per person.

45,000 yen (maiko) + (9,500 yen x 10) + 300 US dollars (roughly 34,000 yen) = 174,000 yen.


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Your Plan

Tour Inclusions:
guide, interpretation, booking with maiko and dinner, my meal and tips

Tour Exclusions:
Maiko (45,000 yen per group), full course Japanese dinner with all you can drink alcohol and soft drinks (9,500 yen per person)