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Kyoto is surrounded by mountains. But not only Kyoto but other prefectures have many mountains big and small. Mt. Atago, Mt. Daimonji, Mt. Hiei, Mt. Miwa, Mt. Koya, etc. Please contact us if you have any particular mountain you are interested in hiking. Below is example of one of the mountains we recommend for hiking.

Mt. Hiei is located north-eastern part of Kyoto city. There is a famous temple called Enryaku-ji on the top of the mountain. It is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. The temple is very special and sacred since many factions of Buddhism in Japan originated from it. We can hike up the mountain and visit this holy temple which has a history of more than 1,200 years.

The mountain itself is also very beautiful overlooking Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan. The air is so clean and refreshing. We might spot wild animals like deer, monkeys or wild boars (no bears!). In summer you can avoid unbearable heat in the city, in autumn colored leaves are breathtaking, in spring cherry blossoms are just lovely and in winter the mountain is capped with snow which creates unbeatable scene. You can enjoy hiking in all seasons!

The hike takes roughly 5 hours, a perfect for a half day trip during your stay in Kyoto. I can also guide you around other areas in and around the area where there are many cute temples, shrines and historical remnants.


Meeting Location

Time : 9:00 AM

JR Kyoto Station


Time : 9:30 AM

JR Hieizan Sakamoto station


Time : 10:00 AM

Ancient Temple Village

Start Climbing

Time : 11:30 AM

The foot of Mt. Hiei


Time : 1:30 PM

Enryaku-ji Temple


Time : 2:00 PM

Around the UNESCO world heritage site

Start descending

Time : 3:00 PM

Mt. Hiei

Arrive back

Time : 5:00 PM

JR Hieizan Sakamoto station


Time : 5:30 PM

JR Kyoto station

Entrance fee of Enryaku-ji temple (UNESCO world heritage site)

English guide and hiking guide

Transportation (about 1,000 yen from JR Kyoto station), lunch, drink, etc.